The History of FetLor


For the past 85 years, FetLor has provided a safe haven for the young people of Edinburgh. Set up as a joint venture between Fettes College and Loretto School, the club was initially solely funded by the two schools. FetLor was officially opened on the 2nd January 1924.

The first premises were on the High Street with 70 boys aged between 12-18 involved who took part in boxing, football and billiards. The club also offered warm baths and food and drink too. However the weekend out of town camps were a real highlight as many of the boys had never been out of the city before.

In 1956 the club moved to Crewe Toll and the Local Authority soon realised the benefit that FetLor was providing to the young boys of Pilton and the surrounding areas. In the 1980’s the club started to accept girls too.

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