What is FetLor?


The FetLor project is now more than 80 years old. Established to provide services for the City’s poorest boys, it is as important to the local community today as it has been at any time in its history. Of course, it has moved on (we even allow girls in!).

The project is now one of the City’s key youth provision facilities. We operate in the Greater Pilton area of Edinburgh – an area with some of the most underprivileged and deprived children in the UK. FetLor provides educational, social and recreational opportunities to young people. There is an emphasis on outdoor activities (cycling, sailing, climbing etc). Currently, we have more than 80 active members aged 10 -17 visiting the project several times a week.

The project is open to all. We never shy away from dealing with some of the most difficult of young people whose issues and behaviour often leave them excluded from school and society. This inclusive policy creates its own problems, but the rewards are huge. 

Check out what’s happening at Fet-Lor in our most recent newsletter http://www.fetloryouthclub.org.uk/images/uploads/Newsletter2013-2page.docx